John 9:1-41 Worship and Preaching Resources

For an exhaustive list of resources on this text, I recommend you visit this page at The Text this Week, created and curated by Jenee Woodard.

The Text:
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Bulletin CoverMan Born Blind

Some Resources to Check Out

Sermon – Blind Spot by John Vella
Excerpt:  Most of us have blind spots, presumptions, ideas and perceptions that we don’t even think about changing. These blind spots are major roadblocks in our spiritual journey. They can cause untold harm to others and to ourselves. Even a quick reading of today’s Gospel shows us in a graphic way how blind the Pharisee’s were to Jesus and to his work. These religious leaders were leading people into the darkness, not into the light. Their interior lives had become hardened, like a rock. They had become so smug and sure of themselves that they were not able to recognize Goodness itself as it was shown to them in the person of Jesus. They were as blind as a person could be. Continue reading “John 9:1-41 Worship and Preaching Resources”