The Graveyard Book – A Brief Review

The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a completely delightful book from Gaiman. What at first may seem a slight tale, becomes, over the course of reading it, a wonderful tale of a baby who is raised by the ghosts of a graveyard after his parents and siblings are killed. If you haven’t read any of Gaiman’s work yet, this might just be the best place to start, and if you have read his previous books, then you’ll need no further encouragement from me to pick this one up as well.

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The Struggle Continues

I am still struggling to rid myself of whatever illness it was that struck me last week and ruined my time at the Writer’s Retreat outside of Cincinnati, Ohio.  I don’t know if it was just a severe summer cold or some type of flu, but I was pretty much wiped out for five days.  All I did was participate in the times of prayer and meals and sleep.  I did get one small devotional written on John’s gospel, but I had so much more that I wanted to do!

After the retreat ended on Friday I spent the next two days with my friends Mark and Jane Newkirk in Wilmington, Ohio.  I continued to recuperate there thanks to their hospitality, and on Sunday I started my trip back home, stopping overnight at a Microtel Inn in Clarion, Pennsylvania.  I love Microtel Inns.  They are almost all new, clean, inexpensive and have free wi-fi in all the rooms.  You really can’t beat their price.

On Monday I picked up my Desiree and brought her home with me for the rest of the week.  She has a doctor’s appointment next Monday, and we were planning to go to D.C. on Thursday and Friday to see some sights, go to a play, and meet up with a friend of mine from Florida – Dorinda Fox (as well as her daughter).  I was really looking forward to this, but today I decided that I am still too weak to do anything as grandiose as driving three hours there and back, walking around the Mall and such, and being on my best behavior with my friend.  : )  Yesterday I went to the store to pick up a few items and by the time I got home about 30 minutes later, I was beat.

I am still prone to coughing fits when I exert myself, and find it hard to concentrate on much at all.  We will probably end up staying at home, watching some movies, and generally taking it easy until I fully recover.  Of course, I will be back in the pulpit on Sunday, and there’s all the work I need to do there in order to be ready for the day, so it won’t be all down time.

Anyway, thanks to everyone for their prayers and well wishes.  I hope to be my old self soon.  And special thanks to Lisa and Donna for looking after the cats while I was gone.

Just thought I’d let you know.

Flannery O’Connor on the Church

“I think that the Church is the only thing that is going to make the terrible world we are coming to endurable; the only thing that makes the Church endurable is that it is somehow the body of Christ and that on this we are fed. It seems to be a fact that you suffer as much from the Church as for it but if you believe in the divinity of Christ, you have to cherish the world at the same time that you struggle to endure it.”